Spiritual Science

In science, just as in any other aspect of the beautiful matrix of life, a question gives birth to another question, an idea creates another idea, and until a certain idea or thought can be accumulated, other ideas and questions pop up, just as they were there all along and waited to be harvested.

As we’re heading towards the year 2020, many ideas and issues arise in the minds of the people of planet earth: judgment day, the coming of the space people, all sorts of apocalypses, consciousness transformation, the antichrist, and so forth.

Mystics as Models

Man is endowed with a mind and a heart. Although these work in unison, ever cooperating with one another, an emphasis can be placed either on the mind or on the heart.

So in pursuing the spiritual path, there have been those who have adopted the path of the heart rather than that of the mind and a good number of them have reached the height of spirituality that is usually referred to as mysticism.

Mystics started out the same as anybody on a path dealing with mental-emotional issues for a long, long time. Because of their sensitive nature, these mystics were ever stressing the feeling of love, not in opposition to, but instead of, the knowledge of truth.

Wisdom and a System of Beliefs

This “Dialogue” is a brief sketch of how one may appropriate the wisdom found in a system of beliefs, a religion/faith or a paradigm of existence that is different from one’s own.

The intention here is to grasp the wisdom of the other that addresses and/or illuminates the profound depths of our own life experiences and beliefs.

This wisdom may be found in the poetry, symbols, mythology, and rituals of the other. We then have another basis for relating to the profound mystery and depth of our own life.

We also may have another symbol system, or poetry, for describing that experience. In western civilization, it is the Hebrew, Greek and Roman perspectives which form much of the basis for western thought and culture.

Basic Metaphysics-a Reality Paradigm

Let us build a simple paradigm that will keep us in the same pew of the same church so to speak. This paradigm is nothing new, it goes back to the dawning of awareness in people. The language is merely updated and simplified.

As each of us is somebody’s child, we can be somebody’s parent also. As each is a citizen of a country, we are at the same time citizens of a continent, and to carry it to the logical conclusion, all incarnate on this dimension today are citizens of the Planet Earth. This is our physical reality.

We belong at the same time to a much larger community. We are in essence SPIRIT, having a physical manifestation, and as such we are citizens of the Omniverse.

All there is, is energy. This energy is on a continuum. Look briefly at light waves. We can see the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. They are all alike except in the size of the wave. Above and below this scale are many more colors we cannot see.

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Shen Chi

Let’s repeat what the basic concept EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques is based on:
“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”

First prove it to yourself: Think of a deep hurt or traumatic experience in your past. If it was severe enough, and you are sufficiently in tune with your body, you will feel a tightness in your chest or queasiness in your stomach as you merely recall the incident.

This slight or major physical sensation is actually a disturbance in your energy body, like the ripples created on the smooth surface of a pond when you drop a stone into it.

Shen Chi-Spiritual Energy

Shen Chi means SPIRITUAL ENERGY. It is a healing system that has been developed after 35 years of intensive study in the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical realm, and hands-on healing experience with many modalities for over 30 years.

It is in part based on Reiki, Healing Touch, and other energy healing modalities, and in part on EFT ™.  It has been over 5,000 years that the Chinese and other Eastern practitioners of healing have known and worked with the energy body, as distinct from the physical body.

The Chinese word “Shen” means Spirit. Spirit meaning the invisible, unseen realm, in the sense that all things visible, or manifested are brought forth from the invisible, a correlative of this being “universal essence”. “Chi” is the Chinese word for the Japanese “Ki”, the Sanscrit word “Prana”, the Egyptian word “Ka”, to the western mind translated as life force, or simply Energy.